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Wedding Planning Tips for the Introverted Bride

The bride often commands the attention on her wedding day. From the dress she wears to the flowers that she carries, all eyes focus on the bride. Some women bask in the attention; they glow brighter in the princess moment. But for the introverted bride, the anticipation of hundreds of eyes watching her glide down the aisle is enough to induce a panic attack.

Shy brides may even find prepping and planning the big day an uncomfortable experience. Face-to-face meetings with vendors and all the toils of dress shopping overwhelm even the perkiest personality, but quiet types often struggle more with the stresses of wedding planning.


Wedding Planning Tips for the Introverted Bride | Guest Post on


When planning out your big day, embrace your quiet persona and create comfort in the details. Here are 10 tips to ease the wedding worries of introverted brides.

Tips for the Introverted Bride


  1. Browse online for flowers and cake designs. Use online wedding planning sites whenever possible to keep stressful meetings to a minimum. Browse cake designs and floral arrangements to determine the looks that channel your personality. Narrow down ideas and then set up meetings with local vendors. Obviously, though, you will need to visit the bakery for a taste-test.


  1. Set-up a wedding web site. To avoid constant phone calls from guests, create a wedding web site with all the details about your big day. Include hotels, maps to the ceremony and reception locales, registry details and even a line-up of your wedding party. RSVP options also may be set up online.


  1. Narrow down dress options before shopping. The biggest stress for many brides is finding that perfect dress. Look through magazines or browse online to discover styles and silhouettes that you love. When you book an appointment at the bridal salon, take print outs or pictures of the dresses with you to help guide the selection process. Going into dress shopping blindly is overwhelming and frustrating for those who like to avoid too much attention. However, understand that while you may love a dress design, you may find a different design more flattering. Never be afraid to ask for guidance from a salesperson.


  1. Opt for a smaller ceremony. If too many guests overwhelm your personality, then it may be time to pare down the guest list. While parents or future in-laws may want to invite every friend and relative, you have the right to discuss other options. And if hundreds of guests will cause a panic attack or discomfort, you NEED to limit the guest list.


  1. Don’t write your own vows! Sometimes comfort means tradition. When nerves are shaky and the stress is high, don’t put yourself on the spot. Original vows are meaningful and a unique way to create a personal touch to the ceremony, but they can also induce anxiety in individuals who don’t like to be the central focus. So go OG with the vows!


Wedding Planning Tips for the Introverted Bride | Guest Post on


  1. Receiving lines rock! Bouncing from table to table during the reception is stressful and chaotic. Receiving lines, however, allow the bride and groom to chat with guests in a meet-and-greet kind of fashion. Plan ahead what you can say to each guest. Receiving lines move quickly, and they are the ideal way to quickly talk to each guest.


  1. Utilize social media. Everyone wants to know about wedding details. Keep the phone from buzzing non-stop by posting fun tidbits via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to create a unique wedding hashtag to file all your posts.


  1. Grab a buddy. Now is the time to lean on your maid of honor for help…and to be your support on the big day. If you need a shoulder to cry on or a friend to tag along, don’t be afraid to ask your best friend to be your guide.


Wedding Planning Tips for the Introverted Bride | Guest Post on


  1. Avoid too much alcohol. Buzzfeed writer Terri Pous recommends that introvert brides stay away from indulging in too many libations. Yes, alcohol lowers your inhibitions and can help you appear more outgoing, but you also could end up dancing on the table…or worse!


  1. Elope! Yes, eloping is an option. You, the future husband, the preacher (or judge) and maybe a beach make for the ideal introvert paradise!

Even if you don’t love being the center of attention, you can create the perfect wedding day suited for your quiet demeanor as an introverted bride. Plan online, limit the guest list and enlist the help of your favorite friend to help ease the stress of wedding day preparations. Your day will be your version and vision of perfection!

Guest Post written by Cassie Brewer

(Photography: Corbin Gurkin)